We found what we believe to be a tremendous website.

As most of us know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate one’s way through all the hyperbole, spin, biased opinion, half-truths, no-truths and just plain B/S that has become what we now refer to as “news”.

We are not the arbiter of what “objectivity” or “truth” is or is not. However, we do read, observe and research a lot and having found this website has been a delight for us. It’s not a republican, democrat, either-wing, or any other “partisan” gathering of data. It is plainly written and allows anyone with a “reasonable” level of curiosity, education and intelligence to digest information. If you aren’t a “junkie” or if you are into the more mundane or inane thought we find ourselves exposed to each day, you might not find it as useful as we have. But as a research tool, it’s pretty good. Give it a glance this one time, see if you like it and we’ll keep you posted on our blog when we find an article we think you might enjoy.

The website is Just Facts and can be found at the following link. If you think you are up on the facts about current political thought, you might want to test yourself with the poll that Just Facts commissioned a few weeks before the recent presidential election.



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