Frank Luntz vs. Robin Hood. An Excellent Idea In Search Of A Catchy, Saleable Acronym.

Frank Luntz photo:  Robin Hood photo:

Democrats lose much of the public relations war because they don’t have someone like Frank Luntz to explain to them the importance of linguistics – the art of the use of language.

Republicans come up with great names for initiatives and legislation.

The most famous might be, “Just say NO”. Now who in their right mind wants to say “yes” to the use of illegal drugs. Certainly not that gentle, soft-spoken, mild-mannered lady in the red dress.

“The USA Patriot Act”. Among other atrocities, this ill-conceived, ill-defined and mis-named act of congress allows the President of the United States to violate the constitution; denies American citizens many of the rights granted them by the Bill of Rights; and denies, without any judicial oversight, habeus rights to anyone whom the POTUS categorizes as a “terrorist”. But, if you are a legislator campaigning for re-election, try explaining to your electorate why you voted agains “The Patriot Act”.

Who supports a “Partial-Birth Abortion”? The mere thought of this word combination conjures up little that is not negative.

Now, there is a movement afoot that makes a lot of sense. It would call for a federal law that would impose a tax of one-half of one percent on all Wall Street transactions. Unfortunately, its supporters have labelled it “The Robin Hood Tax”.

When you near that word combination, “Robin Hood Tax”, I will make a significant wager that “take from the rich” is the first thought that comes to mind. And the Wall Street lobbyists, their bought-and-paid for members of the house and the senate – both democrats and republicans – and FOX Views just screamed, “CLASS WARFARE” and painted a great, big bullseye on the legislation.

Follow the links below. One takes you to reasoned explanations of the proposed legislation and what, if it became law, the effects would be. The second explains Frank Luntz and the role he plays in shaping American opinion through linguistics.

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