2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution – By Karl W. Giberson U.S. NEWS 01.02.14

Never mind the increasing evidence—64 percent of white evangelical Protestants reject the science, and professors at Christian colleges are attacked if word gets out they teach it.Photo by DEA Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty

Evolution did not fare well in 2013. The year ended with the anti-evolution bookDarwin’s Doubt as Amazon’s top seller in the “Paleontology” category. The state of Texas spent much of the year trying to keep the country’s most respected high school biology text out of its public schools. And leading anti-evolutionist and Creation Museum curator Ken Ham made his annual announcement++ that the “final nail” had been pounded into the coffin of poor Darwin’s beleaguered theory of evolution.

Americans entered 2013 more opposed to evolution than they have been for years, with an amazing 46 percent embracing the notion that “God created humans pretty much in their present form at one time in the last 10,000 years or so.” This number was up a full 6 percent from the prior poll taken in 2010. According to aDecember 2013 Pew poll, among white evangelical Protestants, a demographic that includes many Republican members of Congress and governors, almost 64 percent reject the idea that humans have evolved.The connection between acceptance of evolution and political affiliation has grown stronger over the past three years, exacerbating the polarization now plaguing Congress. Among Democrats, acceptance of evolution increased by 3 percent, to 67 percent, while among Republicans it decreased from 54 percent to 43 percent.

The trajectory is not encouraging, especially as it runs in parallel with a steady increase in the evidence for evolution—evidence now piled so high that not even one evolutionary biologist at any of America’s research universities rejects the theory. Evolution is as widely accepted in biology departments as gravity is in physics departments.

So how is it that 64 percent of America’s “white evangelical evangelical Protestants,” an unusually powerful and wealthy demographic, remains so strongly opposed to evolution?

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One thought on “2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution – By Karl W. Giberson U.S. NEWS 01.02.14

  1. funny about the drawings, you do know I am sure this is just a artist conception of what ancient ape/man would look like if he had existed. I am sure your aware that there are no fossilized remains of intermediate steps of man? there are no skeletal fossils of cromagnum man or neaderthal? there are tons of dinosurs and ancient mammals of all kinds big and small but not one full skeletal fossil of ape/man. ever wonder why if they do not have such evidence they still subscribe to ape to man belief. could it have more to do with desire ot get rid of God? no accountablity to him? or desire for complete freedom morally may have more to do with pushing this belief rather than sound evidence? it is good to think about that because what we believe has conseqences good or bad. remember too the bible does not say a day was 24 hours long it describes each creative day as a day and the total creative days together as a day, and it describes the creation of life on a planet that was already here. the dating of the planet is probably correct it is billions of years old, this does not contradict the bible at all.


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