They have stated in various and many fora that it is their intention to destroy President Obama. Few have been bold enough to speak of physically damaging my president (most of those men and women in the black outfits that speak into their sleeves aren’t having that), but they go at him with every tool, device, word and construct that is available to them and they make it clear that his “political” destruction is paramount in their minds.

Well, here is why I am saying that they missed the boat.

He lives, rent free, in a big beautiful home which boasts one of the most prestigious addresses on this planet. He has legions of employees at his beck and call. He and his wife earn a high six-figure income. His daughters attend one of America’s premier schools. His wife is doted upon and universally received with favor. He commands the most powerful and dedicated military force in the history of the world. He has a fleet of the most sophisticated and most powerful aircraft at his disposal, 24/7. His power is undisputed. When he annually walks into the halls of congress to deliver his “State of the Union” speech the 535 most powerful legislators ever assembled on earth, as well as countless judges, diplomats, bureaucrats and minor functionaries rise and applaud him – even those who hate, despise and vilify him. He is a brilliant strategist. He was recently re-elected to office by one of the largest ballot box majorities ever reported. He will soon retire at the ripe young age of 55 and begin another career that will include “speechifying” and he will receive fees for his words that will be in excess of $100,000 for 30 minutes of his time.

Yeah, they republicans have seriously missed the boat. They set out to destroy President Barack Hussein Obama.

Instead they are destroying the nation they claim to “love”.

The President is doing quite well.

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