Security News This Week: The Pentagon Got Hacked While You Were at Def Con – YAEL GRAUER 08.09.15.


But of course, the rest of the security world doesn’t stop for security conferences. So whether you were braving the long lines in Vegas or following along at home, here’s the big news that happened in the rest of the world that you should know about this week. As always, to read the full story linked in each post, click on the headlines. And be safe out there!

Did Russia Hack the Pentagon?

The Pentagon’s Joint Staff email system—luckily unclassified—was hacked, and Russia may be the culprit, at least according to anonymous US officials cited by NBC News. The anonymous officials say the intrusion took place around July 25th and affected around 4,000 Joint Chiefs of Staff personnel (both military and civilian). It’s not entirely clear why the attack is being attributed to Russia. The Pentagon responded by shutting down the entire unclassified email system and internet during the investigation. The system has been shut down for around two weeks.

Firefox Exploit Found in the Wild

Time to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, now that a critical zero-day vulnerability was found in the wild. The exploit, which was served in an advertisement on a Russian news site, lets attackers create malicious PDF files that inject JavaScript code into local files. The attacker can search for, read, and steal sensitive files—including password and key data—on the victims’ computers. The exploit, which leaves no trace when it has run on a local machine, targets Windows and Linux machines. (Changing the affected passwords and keys would be wise.) Mozilla released emergency security updates on Friday. They’re available for Mac users, too.

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