Refugees’ Dead End in Italy: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 7) – Vice News Published on Oct 19, 2015

As Europe faces a huge refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people flooding into the continent to flee war, poverty, and political oppression, its response has been chaotic. Thousands have died making the perilous boat journeys across the Mediterranean as European governments squabble among themselves on how to deal with the situation.

At the end of June, France closed its border with Italy to refugees and migrants, trapping hundreds in the Italian border town of Ventimiglia. Money was low by the time most people reached the town, so they had to seek help in two camps — one run by the Red Cross and the other by European activists — for food and shelter while they waited in vain for the border to reopen.

VICE News travels to the French-Italian border to speak to those who are stuck, as well as organizations and activists struggling to cope with the situation.

Watch “My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die” –

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