Here’s how to travel to Cuba by Johnny Harris on October 21, 2015

You should go to Cuba. If you need convincing, we made a 2-minute video you should see:

Traveling to Cuba isn’t hard anymore

It used to be difficult, but now it’s not. In January, President Obama announced a “new course” with Cuba that included an easing of many restrictions banning Americans from traveling to the island.

You still can’t go as a straight-up tourist, but there are now 12 broad categories under which an American can travel to Cuba. And you no longer need to apply for a license and wait to get approval. You now just buy your ticket online and declare which of the 12 categories your trip falls under. All of this happens on an easy-to-use website. There’s no application or waiting period. Be warned, however, that charter flights are still painfully expensive (around $500 from Miami to Havana).

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