British Fishermen Are Excited About Brexit: VICE News Tonight on HBO – Published on Feb 14, 2017

U.K. fishermen are some of the strongest supporters of Brexit, alleging that the European Union’s control of what they catch and where hurts their trade. After Brexit, however, British fishermen could be able to catch hundreds of thousands of tons more fish.

Fishing in the EU is highly regulated, and those regulations can be complex. Each member state has a specific quota for each species, and that quota changes in different parts of EU waters. Fishermen in some countries can also sail further into foreign territory than others.

British fishermen say the limits set by the EU’s fisheries policy are unfair and need to change, but supporters argue that the quotas have maintained, and sometimes increased, fish stocks. And with 66 percent of British fish earmarked for export, U.K. fisherman will still want access to the EU market in any deal brokered.

Watch: “Brexit will make life much more complicated for countless British businesses” –


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