Ex-NATO commander: US falling behind on military modernization – BY NIKITA VLADIMIROV – 03/05/17 07:00 AM EST

#© Getty Images

#© Getty Images

A former NATO commander says the U.S. is falling behind countries such as Russia and China when it comes to modernization of its armed forces.

“We’ve taken it for granted. For 25 years we had the best … armed forces in the world,” retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark said in an interview with John Catsimatidis that aired Sunday on New York’s AM 970.

“The United States has mostly put its military modernization on what’s called a ‘warm idle.’ We’ve done some research, we’ve looked at what we need. But we have not bought the stuff that is cutting-edge,” he said.

The retired general argued that the U.S. has been mostly focused on bombers, missiles and other combat-related expenses for ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

“But Russia … they have produced a new generation of armored forces,” Clark said. “They have a T-14 tank that’s got active protection on it … It has got things we don’t have and armor we don’t have.”

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