6 thoughts on “While You Were Offline: Game of Thrones Has Itself a Song of Ice and Backfire | WIRED

    • Resisted for 6 years. Cut Cable, got HBO Now for a fraction of the cost. Binge watched G.O.T. Now completely hooked. It’s not for everyone. I love history, intrigue and politics. The show has it all

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      • My older son loves the show, he keeps telling us we need to watch it. My wife and I might, but for now, we have no desire. She did watch T.W.D. until just recently, on Netflix because we don’t “do” cable.


      • Exactly how I used to feel. I’m still resisting TWD, but GOT is true filmmaking at a very high level. Direction, design, cinematography and acting all top notch. If that is not your cup of tea, there’s no reason to watch.

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      • This is only the 2nd time in 3 years I have replied to a comment of any sort…such is my surrender to GOT. But if you do decide to watch, start at the beginning. Failing to do so will hamper your enjoyment.

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