Georgia’s special election could be a devastating blow to the president. – By Michelle Goldberg APRIL 17 2017 4:47 PM

Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff arrives to greet supporters at a campaign office on Saturday in Atlanta.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Friday evening, Karen Giorno, a former senior adviser on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, addressed a few dozen volunteers for Bob Gray, one of 18 candidates running for Congress in a special election this week in Georgia’s 6thDistrict. The seat, which once belonged to Newt Gingrich, was supposed to be safely Republican. Former Rep. Tom Price, who stepped aside to become Trump’s secretary of health and human services, won November’s election by 23 points. Now, however, a Democrat, Jon Ossoff, is leading in all the polls. And there’s at least a chance that he could clear 50 percent of the vote come Tuesday, which would mean that Ossoff would not have to face a runoff and would be going to Congress as the first Democrat to hold Georgia’s 6th since 1979.

Gray—a businessman who’s trying to position himself as the most loyal Trump supporter in the race—is fighting it out with three other Republican candidates in the hope of finishing a distant second to Ossoff and keeping the Democrat below 50 percent to force the runoff. Giorno had flown in to rally the troops. “This is a really important election,” she said. “It’s becoming a national spotlight, because it’s going to be a referendum on Donald Trump and his presidency.”

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