Russia ‘targeted Trump adviser in bid to infiltrate campaign’ – Stephanie KirchgaessnerFirst published on Sunday 23 April 2017 00.48 EDT

CNN claims investigators have intelligence suggesting Russians may have used Carter Page to try to access Trump campaign

Carter Page, who advised Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, makes a presentation in Moscow in December 2016. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters/Reuters

Russian operatives sought to infiltrate the Trump campaign using some of the US president’s own advisers, including Carter Page, according to a CNN report that cited unnamed US officials.

Page, a former Merrill Lynch banker who Trump referred to as a foreign policy adviser during his presidential race, has emerged as a key figure in several US investigations into possible coordination between the Kremlin.

New allegations that federal investigators have gathered intelligence that suggests Russian operatives may have used Page to try to gain access to the Trump campaign follows a separate report by the Washington Post that he was being monitored by the FBI last summer because of suspicions about his ties with Russia.

Page has denied wrongdoing but acknowledged that he might have shared information with Russians. He has insisted that the information was innocuous.

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