National Monuments That Could Soon Be on the Chopping Block – WSJ

POTUS said Wednesday he wanted to stop the “massive federal land grab” of designating national monuments in an executive order signing ceremony.

POTUS signed an executive order Wednesday directing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review some national monuments, some designations of which stretch back to the Clinton administration.

Although Bears Ears National Monument, above, is mentioned by name, 23 other monuments also appear to qualify for review.

The Republican congressional delegation from Utah previously asked Mr. Trump to rescind the 1.4 million-acre Bears Ears monument.Former President Barack Obama made the declaration despite some locals’ concerns that traditional industries such as ranching and mining might be restricted on the land.

Each monument that qualifies for review must have been created or expanded upon on or after Jan. 1, 1996, through the Antiquities Act, a 110-year-old law that allows the president to declare certain lands as national monuments.

Under the executive order, the applicable monuments must also cover more than 100,000 acres, or by discretion of the interior secretary have been made “without adequate public outreach.”

Source: National Monuments That Could Soon Be on the Chopping Block – WSJ

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