Facebook is hiring moderators. But is the job too gruesome to handle? – Olivia SolonLast modified on Thursday 4 May 2017 05.01 EDT

The social network has pledged to work harder to identify and remove disturbing content – but doing so can take a psychological toll

‘People can be highly affected … it’s not clear Facebook is even aware of the long term outcomes,’ says one expert. Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Ever wanted to work for Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg has just announced 3,000 new jobs. The catch? You’ll have to review objectionable content on the platform, which has recently hosted live-streamed footage of murder, suicide and rape.

In his announcement, Zuckerberg revealed that the company already has 4,500 people around the world working in its “community operations team” and that the new hires help improve the review process, which has come under fire for both inappropriately censoring content and failing to remove extreme content quickly enough. Just last week the company left footage of a Thai man killing his 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live on the platform for a whole day.

Instead of scrutinizing content before it’s uploaded, Facebook relies on users of the social network to report inappropriate content. Moderators then review reported posts – hundreds every shift – and remove them if they fall foul of Facebook’s community standards. Facebook does not allow nudity (including female, but not male, nipples), hate speech or glorified violence.

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One thought on “Facebook is hiring moderators. But is the job too gruesome to handle? – Olivia SolonLast modified on Thursday 4 May 2017 05.01 EDT

  1. This is disturbing, in that REAL murders, rapes, and other horrific crimes can be recorded-no-less posted on-line; and yet, I hear of people being sued for venting about a healthcare atrocity, and Facebook owner warning subscribers that they may need to prove an opinion.  My question is how and why are these films allowed to use surveillance in these places, and without intervention.  What’s the excuse or reason for the non-consensual use of surveillance in our homes ?  The toxic effects of microwave, and other exposures have been reported by the WHO long ago.  There is severe damage, both psychological, physical, and in all ability to function, if subjected to this 24/7 stalking, peeping, ec.  It doesn’t prevent suicides, crimes, …This is like the making of “snuff films”  In physics, a living form will change it’s behavior if being constantly under observation.  Considering women with a history of ptsd, past sexual and physical abuse, this unacceptable, and [illegal] ? activity must be taken-off the books, or secret legal agenda-as no-one can be sane, or safe under these circumstances.  Also, technology is famous for special effects, voice-reconfiguration, cut & paste, illusions.  Who can trust a government who secretly authorizes this ?  Look at how many predators view, sell, use your “personal” space to falsely accuse, set-up,strip of dignity, safety, and the basic right to peace.  I am shocked that Americans aware of this secret allowance and obscene violation didn’t protest.   Not being informed, included, educated about potential laws, rules, decisions, that ultimately affect us all, only contributes to the once illegal, unethical, and inhumane practices of the past. .


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