Milo Yiannopoulos & Writers Strike: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO) – YouTube

Millions of bats have died from white-nose syndrome, a disease spreading at an alarming rate across the U.S. We went to Michigan to explore one affected area with some researchers who are trying to stop its spread. Plus, The Writers Guild of America, the union representing more than 12,000 film and TV writers, is on the brink of a strike over wages. We explain what that could mean for your favorite shows.

A report from Russia on workers protesting a new tax called Platon shows how deep anti-government feelings really go there – and ultimately, how impossible it is to wage a challenge against the regime.

Finally, we sit down with right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopulous in Miami. Milo tells us how he is seizing the moment to return to relevance – or at least trying to.

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