What a Kenyan village can teach us about a universal basic income – Updated by Byrd Pinkerton@byrdala May 12, 2017, 9:40am EDT

Jacklin Okotch Osodo, a pregnant mother of two children
Joe Posner/Vox

Free money, for everyone, forever. No strings attached.

That’s the idea behind a universal basic income, an idea that governments and organizations around the world have started toying with, from Finland and the Netherlands to Silicon Valley and Canada.

Late last year, Dylan Matthews went to Kenya to understand one specific experiment — a project organized by the nonprofit GiveDirectly. He wrote a feature piece about his trip. In this episode of Weeds in the Wild, he introduces Sarah Kliff to some of the specific people he met and walks through the policy tensions in a UBI program — like whether it makes sense to give everyone, no matter how rich or poor, the exact same amount of money.


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