Biden blasts Dems for ignoring working-class concerns – BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN – 05/28/17 09:47 PM EDT

Former Vice President Joe Biden questioned Democrats’ strategy to win over middle-class voters at a rally Sunday, saying the negativity coming from President Trump’s campaign distracted party leaders from focusing on the issues, according to a NBC News report.

“Because of the negative campaign that [President Donald] Trump ran, how much did we hear about that guy making 50,000 bucks on an assembly line, [and] the woman — his wife — making $28,000 as a hostess?” Biden asked.

“They have $78,000, two kids, [are] living in a metropolitan area, and they can hardly make it,” Biden added. “When was the last time you heard us talk about those people?”

Biden, who was stumping for New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy (D), said the “world is going to be looking” to the New Jersey election to see if the U.S. will “re-establish or reassert who we are.”

Some Democrats have seen the former vice president as a possible Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 who could win back working-class votes the party lost to Trump. Biden has said that he currently has no plans to run, but hasn’t entirely ruled the option out.

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