Cleveland Fires Officer Who Shot Tamir Rice – Shibani Mahtani Updated May 30, 2017 5:51 p.m. ET

City fires Timothy Loehmann for giving false information on application to become police officer

Tomiko Shine holding up a picture of Tamir Rice during a protest in Washington in December 2014.

Tomiko Shine holding up a picture of Tamir Rice during a protest in Washington in December 2014. Photo: Jose Luis Magana/Associated Press

The Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice while the boy was holding a pellet gun in 2014 was fired Tuesday after an investigation found he violated rules in his application to be a police cadet, city officials said.

“Effective immediately, Patrol Officer [Timothy] Loehmann will be terminated from the Cleveland Police Department,” said Cleveland Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath at a press conference announcing the results of the city’s over a-year-long investigation into the shooting.

Mr. Loehmann was fired specifically for “providing false information” on his application to become a Cleveland police officer, a violation of city rules, rather than because of actions directly related to the shooting of Tamir Rice.

Additionally, Mr. Loehmann’s former partner, Frank Garmback, has been suspended for 10 days and given additional training for his involvement in the 2014 incident. His suspension starts Wednesday morning.

“I think we’ve come to what we consider a fair conclusion to this process,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

In documents supporting Mr. Loehmann’s termination, officials said that he omitted the fact that he would have been fired by his previous employer, the Independence Police Department in Ohio, for failing to secure his firearm and lying to a superior officer, but was allowed to resign instead.

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