Don’t Blame Critics for Blockbusters’ Bad Box-Office

Few actors enjoy a more cozy relationship with the press than Dwayne Johnson. The charismatic wrestler turned movie star is regularly covered in the most glowing terms, whether the media is beseeching him to host the Oscars, approving of his potential bid for the presidency, or taking his side in a feud with costar Vin Diesel. Even when the movies he makes are subpar, Johnson’s likability never takes a hit. Who’d want to be on the Rock’s bad side?

This past week, though, something did seem to get under Johnson’s elaborately tattooed skin. With his new action-comedy Baywatch tracking poorly, Johnson went to Twitter to blast the bad reviews. “Oh boy, critics had their venom & knives ready,” he tweeted. “Fans LOVE the movie … big disconnect w/ critics & people.” Though Johnson tried to leaven the tweet with a few good-natured emojis, it felt unusually unchill of him to accuse film critics of having a sinister agenda. Perhaps Johnson does have a future in politics, because turning on the press when things get tough is one of our current president’s signature moves.

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Source: Don’t Blame Critics for Blockbusters’ Bad Box-Office

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