An unlikely heroine The rebellion of Venezuela’s top prosecutor – Jun 20th 2017 | CARACAS

Luisa Ortega Díaz poses a threat to the regime

Ms Ortega, a former professor of criminal law, is becoming more dangerous to Venezuela’s repressive government. On June 8th, she filed a motion at the supreme court denouncing as illegal a scheme by Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, to convene an all-powerful constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. The puppet court rejected the suit on June 12th, calling her application “inept”. On the same day she filed another motion arguing that 13 of the 32 supreme-court judges, who were hastily selected by the outgoing pro-regime parliament in 2015, were chosen through a flawed process and should therefore stand down. The court disagreed.

She then filed a case against eight other supreme-court justices, who in March had sought to usurp parliament’s powers. That manoeuvre, which the judges quickly reversed, triggered near-daily protests against the regime that have continued ever since. Ms Ortega called it a constitutional rupture. The judges rejected that claim, too.

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