The Who’s Who of Net Neutrality’s ‘Day of Action’ – KLINT FINLEY 07.11.17 07:00 AM


You’re probably used to pop-ups on websites begging you to sign-up for an email newsletter, enter a contest, or watch an ad. But tomorrow the web will be plastered in a different sort of pop-up as some the tech’s biggest companies fight to maintain a free and open internet.

Last May, the Federal Communications Commission began the process of dismantling the net neutrality rules it adopted in early 2015. Without these rules, internet service providers could be free to block you from viewing particular sites, throttle the speeds of video streaming services, or charge you extra to view particular content. The end of net neutrality could make it much harder for new companies to get a toe-hold in markets such as streaming media or video calling, or even stifle free speech online.

Tomorrow, sites across the web will place alerts on their pages encouraging people to send letters to the FCC asking the agency not to jettison net neutrality. Hundreds of companies and organizations plan to participate in this so-called “Day of Action,” from giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix to Reddit, Etsy, PornHub, Spotify, and even some smaller internet service providers like Ting and Sonic.

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