FIGHT: The WIRED Guide to Net Neutrality – BRIAN BARRETT 07.12.17 04:25 PM


Wednesday marks a day of protest across the web, with tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, and scores more demonstrating their support for net neutrality. Rightly so. Net neutrality is the defining issue of the internet today, the difference between a free and open online experience and one where corporations dictate what you can see, and how fast you can see it.

To understand the importance of net neutrality–and the public fight to preserve it–we’re gathering here a collection that illustrates what it is, why it matters, and how lost the internet would be without it. Read it today, remember it tomorrow, and keep the fight going for as long as it takes.

Why Net Neutrality Matters

Looking for a primer on what all the fuss is about? Here’s your look at why net neutrality matters, even when it feels like lost cause.

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