The class war is a one-sided fight — and the very rich are winning – Donald Jeffries

You don’t have to be a Bernie Sanders supporter to be concerned about the widening income gap in America

The class war is a one-sided fight — and the very rich are winning
Excerpted with permission from “Survival of the Richest” by Donald Jeffries. Copyright 2017, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Available for purchase on Amazon,Barnes & Noble” and IndieBound.

There have been wealthy people and poor people throughout the course of history. One cannot exist without the other, much as no one would understand what “beautiful” meant, if there wasn’t a contrasting “ugly” to compare it with, and teenagers would have no idea who the “popular” kids were, if there weren’t corresponding “unpopular” kids. How many organizations — from Country Clubs to Freemasons — would exist without exclusionary rules? What good is a group, after all, if anyone can be a member? Rich and poor, success and failure, are man-made constructs. However, when the medium of exchange in our society, which largely determines the quality of everyone’s lives, is being distributed in an obscenely unfair way, then the vast majority of the people, who aren’t benefiting from the present arrangement, have a right and an obligation to demand change.

This book, “Survival of the Richest,” is not meant to be an attack upon the rich. Without wealthy statesmen, which nearly all the Founding Fathers were, the United States would still be a colony of England. Historically, many rich individuals heeded the call to public service and felt an obligation to look out for the interests of their fellow human beings. They had a sense of history and were principled enough to care about liberty and justice. Joseph P. Kennedy urged all his children to enter public service, reminding them regularly of the old adage, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Can anyone picture the Koch brothers, Warren Buffet, and their ilk — the closest approximations we have today to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or Patrick Henry, sacrificing their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for independence, or freedom, or any cause? When was the last time we had a leading statesman — now mere politicians — who led the troops, who was even seen near any battlefield, such as George Washington and many other signers of the Constitution?

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