Which Game of Thrones characters will survive the series? – Vox

The show’s 15 most important characters, ranked by likelihood of survival.

Who’s going to die as Game of Thrones enters its last handful of episodes?

Character deaths used to be one of the most shocking things about the series, in both book and TV form. Characters — major ones! — would die, suddenly, out of nowhere, at the hands of other characters. That unpredictable plotting only made the story more exciting to watch unfold.

But as Rowan Kaiser points out in this excellent essay on the show’s slow trend toward conventionality (and as I pointed out here), it’s become easier and easier to predict what’s going to happen on this show, at least within reason.

I’ve picked the 15 most important Game of Thrones characters (because talking about everybody would take too long) and ranked them based on how likely they are to make it to the end of the series finale (which should air at the end of season eight in 2018 or 2019). With just 13 episodes left, everybody who’s still alive only has to make it a little further, but that will mean surviving what’s sure to be a bloodbath in the show’s final days.

Anyway, let’s usher in Game of Thrones’ seventh season by ranking the characters from least to most likely to survive.

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Source: Which Game of Thrones characters will survive the series? – Vox

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