The women who sell nudes on Patreon – Lizzie Plaugic Aug 2, 2017, 10:04am EDT

An erotic modeling micro-economy is growing on the crowdfunding platform

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

For $5 a month, Stephanie Michelle will let you follow her private Snapchat account. She promises you’ll see her hanging out with friends in Los Angeles, making goofy faces at the camera, or just loafing around watching anime. And if she’s at home: “I’m usually just wearing either underwear or some tight little tank top or nothing at all.”

This is the first reward tier for Michelle’s Patreon account, where she’s “creating naughty cosplay content.” In addition to her Snapchat account, Michelle offers her 435 paying subscribers access to variety of NSFW rewards: a signed “sexy” print, a “naughty” three- to five-minute personalized video, and access to her constantly updating Patreon feed, which includes erotic photoshoots and videos.

When she first launched the account about a year ago, she was hesitant. “I didn’t think anyone would be interested,” she says. “[But] in my first week I made over a thousand dollars.” Now, in a good month, with her current supporters, Michelle says she can make $5,000. Operating the Patreon account is her full-time job.

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