Naomi Campbell warns that there’s ‘a big problem’ with abuse in the fashion industry – 11.17.17

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, British supermodel Naomi Campbell has spoken out about “a big problem” of abuse in the fashion industry. In October, U.S. model Cameron Russell began an Instagram campaign to raise awareness about the sexual exploitation of models in the fashion industry, prompting dozens of young women, and men, to speak out about alleged abuse by their photographers.

“I think before it gets better it’s going to get worse,” Campbell told BBC News. “We’re going to have to hear about it, a lot’s going to have to come out. I think it’s just the beginning really.”

“Whatever I can do, if can use my voice to support models in the industry, I will,” she added. “It’s never happened to me, but I never want it to happen to anyone.”

In recent months, Campbell has also been outspoken about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. In August, she shared an Instagram photo of British Vogue’s editorial staff under former editor Alexandra Shulman. All 55 people in the photo, one can’t help but notice, are white.

“Looking forward to an inclusive and diverse staff now that @edward_enninful is the editor,” wrote Campbell. Enninful is both the first man, and the first black person, to edit British Vogue. Just last week, Campbell again slammed Shulman after she controversially claimed that “black cover models don’t sell.”

Watch video of Campbell’s interview with BBC News below.

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