Why American people are scared of Syrian refugees.

Americans want to shut the door on Syrian refugees. According to one poll, 53 percent of Americans disapprove of allowing them into the country while another 11 percent would admit only Syrians who are Christians. Most governors have said that they will not allow Syrian refugees into their states (though they have no legal authority to block them), and now Congress has gotten into the act. By a vote of 289–137, the House passed a bill that would impose substantial hurdles on further refugee settlement.

The liberal commentariat has gone berserk, accusing opponents of nativism and xenophobia. The criteria used to admit refugees are strict, so the risk that any of them will commit crimes is very low. As Alex Nowrasteh points out, almost 1 million refugees have been admitted into the United States since 2001, and none of them has successfully carried out a terrorist attack. Moreover, given the infinitesimal number of Syrian refugees to be let into the country out of the millions of people who would qualify, it would be crazy for a professional terrorist to try to enter this country by pretending to be a refugee. It would be easier to obtain a tourist visa.

Source: Why American people are scared of Syrian refugees.

Court again blocks Obama’s plan to protect undocumented migrants – Reuters in Washington Monday 9 November 2015 22.55 EST

Injunction is upheld against president’s measures that could prevent millions, including people who arrived illegally as children, being thrown out of the US

Demonstrators outside the White House in 2014 calling for an end to the deportation of undocumented children.

Barack Obama’s executive action to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation has suffered a legal setback with an appeal to the supreme court now the administration’s only option.

A 2-1 decision by the fifth US circuit court of appeals in New Orleans has upheld a previous injunction – dealing a blow to Obama’s plan, which is opposed by Republicans and challenged by 26 states.

The states, all led by Republican governors, said the federal government exceeded its authority in demanding whole categories of immigrants be protected.

The Obama administration has said it is within its rights to ask the Department of Homeland Security to use discretion before deporting non-violent migrants with US family ties.

The case has become the focal point of the Democratic president’s efforts to change US immigration policy.

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On The Line: Milène Larsson Discusses Europe’s Migrant Crisis – Vice News Published on Oct 26, 2015

VICE News journalist Milène Larsson (https://twitter.com/milenelarsson) joined On The Line to discuss Europe’s migrant crisis, and her reporting for the “Europe or Die” series.

Watch: People Smuggling in Sicily: Europe or Die – http://bit.ly/1JwM6Ny

Watch more from ‘Europe or Die’ – http://bit.ly/1M5GJrK

Refugees’ Dead End in Italy: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 7) – Vice News Published on Oct 19, 2015

As Europe faces a huge refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people flooding into the continent to flee war, poverty, and political oppression, its response has been chaotic. Thousands have died making the perilous boat journeys across the Mediterranean as European governments squabble among themselves on how to deal with the situation.

At the end of June, France closed its border with Italy to refugees and migrants, trapping hundreds in the Italian border town of Ventimiglia. Money was low by the time most people reached the town, so they had to seek help in two camps — one run by the Red Cross and the other by European activists — for food and shelter while they waited in vain for the border to reopen.

VICE News travels to the French-Italian border to speak to those who are stuck, as well as organizations and activists struggling to cope with the situation.

Watch “My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die” – http://bit.ly/1LiVIJk

Exclusive Video of the Desperate Boat Crossing (Excerpt from ‘My Escape From Syria’) – Vice News Published on Oct 16, 2015

Syria’s brutal civil war has created hundreds of thousands of refugees, civilians who have been forced to leave everything behind at home and travel in search of a new life in Europe.

Ismael, 25, filmed his journey to Germany with 19-year-old Naeem, capturing the most dangerous parts of a perilous trip, including the boat crossing from Turkey to Greece where hundreds of refugees have died this year.

In this excerpt from “My Escape From Syria,” exclusive first-hand footage reveals the horror of crossing the rough Mediterranean Sea in an overcrowded inflatable boat, as refugees attempt to navigate their way to Greece in the dark.

Watch “My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die” – http://bit.ly/1LiVIJk

Militia Camp Overrun With Disease and Suffering (Excerpt from ‘Libya’s Migrant Trade’) – Vice News Published on Oct 2, 2015

In a desperate bid to seek a better life in Europe, thousands of refugees and migrants leave the shores of Libya and cross the perilous Mediterranean Sea every month. Over 2,000 people have died making the journey in 2015 alone.

The routes to and journey through Libya are also dangerous, however, and since the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, the country has struggled to achieve and maintain stability. Porous desert borders, rival fighters, and weak governance have left much of Libya in complete chaos.

With militias controlling large swathes of land, their attentions have turned to the people that cross their territories. The fighters assert they are bringing order to the country as they detain the refugees, yet these people’s lives have become valuable commodities to the militias as they try to solidify their positions in the country.

In this excerpt from ‘Libya’s Migrant Trade,’ VICE News visits a militia-run camp in a suburb of Tripoli, where migrants and refugees endure harsh conditions and suffer from starvation and disease.

Watch “Libya’s Migrant Trade: Europe or Die (Full Length)” – http://bit.ly/1V943t1