Hamilton Under Fire for Controversial ‘Non-White’ Casting Call – Naja Rayne / People 6:46 AM ET

The hit Broadway musical said it would change the wording of its post

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However, according to the Times, the show’s producers said that they will stick to Hamilton‘s commitment to hiring diverse actors, adding that while they “regret the confusion” that has stemmed from the casting call, “it is essential to the storytelling of Hamilton that the principal roles, which were written for nonwhite characters (excepting King George), be performed by nonwhite actors.”

According to the Times, although the post caused controversy, it is not uncommon for Broadway shows to specify the race, gender and age range of desired actors.

Despite being common practice, human rights lawyer Randolph McLaughlin said that the advertisement was unlawful, as the show cannot promote its “preference for one racial group over another,” CNN reports.

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