President Elect’s Cabinet Picks ‘Take The Establishment And Shake It Upside Down’ – TAMARA KEITH December 13, 20165:54 PM ET

With the selection of Rex Tillerson for secretary of state and the expected nomination of Rick Perry for the Department of Energy, Donald Trump’s Cabinet has largely taken shape in Trump’s own image — a combination of millionaires, billionaires, outsiders and even a few politicians who oppose the work of the very agencies they’ve been tapped to lead.

“It’s a reflection of what Donald Trump has been wanting to do, which is to take the establishment and shake it upside down,” said Ron Bonjean, a Republican consultant.

Bonjean pointed out that Trump is coming into office not like a traditional Republican president but with an approach all his own.

“It’s as if these Cabinet secretaries are each moving into a house and completely demolishing it and turning it upside down and remodeling it the way they want to see it,” he said.

And that’s exactly what Trump voters were asking for — to take a wrecking ball to Washington and start over.

Energy “oops”

Looking at domestic policy, you could describe many of Trump’s choices as an Anti-Cabinet. Take former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who, during a 2011 presidential debate, famously attempted to list three government agencies he’d do away with. He stuttered and paused and just couldn’t think of the third, finally saying, “Oops.”

That third agency Perry wanted to eliminate, the one he couldn’t remember? It was the Department of Energy, the very department he’ll head up, pending Senate confirmation.

A climate skeptic at EPA

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