Don’t go, Michelle Obama! Her Oprah interview was a powerful reminder of why she’ll be missed – D. WATKINS TUESDAY, DEC 20, 2016 03:59 PM PST

Black women like Obama have set the tone and laid the foundation for everything I’ve accomplished and aspire to be

Don't go, Michelle Obama! Her Oprah interview was a powerful reminder of why she'll be missed

President Barrack Obama’s time in office is coming to an end. The past few weeks and the weeks to come were and will be full of critiques, from the people who will ultimately contribute to defining his legacy, on Obamacare, the economy, foreign relations and everything else that gets sliced up into ideological sections.

But his major accomplishment is not debatable, the only thing that the left and right agree on unanimously. His greatest partnership is definitely not with Joe Biden but with the beauty, the intellect and the force that is Michelle Obama. She’s so poised, so gracious and so far above anything petty — and yet still resilient and grounded, clearly showing that she understands the plight of even the poorest Americans. I normally try to not directly speak for others, but I feel many would agree that her presence has been the perfect gift for America over the past eight years.

Millions tuned in last night to watch the first lady sitting down with Oprah Winfrey and reflecting on her time in the White House. She covered her initiatives, her family and gave insight about the power of hope.

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Oprah’s Ad Campaign Is Causing Weight Watchers’ Stock to Soar – by Michal Addady DECEMBER 30, 2015, 5:54 PM EST

It’s up nearly 20% Wednesday.

Just two days of Oprah Winfrey’s Weight Watchers WTW 18.64% ad campaign has caused the company’s stock to soar.

Bloomberg reports that Weight Watchers’ stock went up 7% on Tuesday and 19% on Wednesday, which is the most that it has gone up in one day since Nov. 6. Winfrey purchased a 10% share of the company in October and now sits on the board of directors. Including options, she owns about 15% of the company.

In the commercial, which she posted on Twitter when it debuted Tuesday, she shares her own experience:

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at Dec 31, 2015 4.25

Since partnering with the weight-loss brand, Oprah has helped the stock more than triple in value. Before she bought it, her 10% stake was worth $43 million. Now, it’s worth about $150 million.

With many different weight loss programs to choose from, Weight Watchers has been struggling in recent years. However, the partnership with Oprah could be what revives the brand: Almost immediately after the partnership was announced, shares jumped more than 90%.