E-Cigs & Japan’s Freedivers: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO) – Published on Apr 13, 2017

We travel to Mexico with Janet Napolitano—who oversaw deportations under Obama—and now heads the University of California, with one of the largest undocumented college populations in the U.S. Plus, we go to Japan to meet the ama, or sea-women keeping a millennia old Japanese fishing tradition alive.

Republicans deploy “the nuclear option” to bypass Democrats’ opposition of Neil Gorsuch. A group of Chinese Americans go to Palm Beach to welcome President Xi Jinping before his meeting with Trump. Plus, will the government stop e-cigarettes?

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Keystone Market & Paid Sick Leave: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO) – Published on Apr 3, 2017

The VA is demanding money back from tens of thousands of veterans it allegedly overpaid. Dexter Thomas interviews Rachel Dolezal, the ex-NAACP leader who passed as African American, about her tell-all memoir, “In Full Color.” Plus, Republicans are pushing a bill that would prevent cities from creating their own labor laws, we explore the fight for paid sick leave in Minneapolis.

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Famine in Somalia: VICE News Tonight on HBO – Published on Mar 16, 2017

A famine in Africa’s horn has been named the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945 by the UN. Half of Somalia’s people are short of food after two rainy seasons have failed crops. VICE News Tonight correspondent Gianna Toboni is on the ground in the northeastern Somali state of Puntland with latest.

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Who Killed the Smart Gun? – Published on Mar 23, 2017

America is a gun culture. It always has been. With an estimated 260 to 300 million guns in the national gun stock today, firearms aren’t going anywhere. And it would appear the political will to craft robust nationwide gun control legislation remains dead in the water.

But with an epidemic of mass shootings, and gun accidents devastating communities nationwide, a small movement seeks to change the very technology at the heart of firearms. Yet the players behind this movement to create user-authenticated firearms, or so-called smart guns that only fire in the hands of approved users, are blocked at every turn.

A Smarter Gun, an original documentary investigation from VICE’s tech channel Motherboard, is the story of why.

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The World’s Largest Refugee Camp May Be Closing: VICE News Tonight on HBO – Published on Feb 24, 2017

The high court in Kenya has blocked the government’s bid to close Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world. The Kenyan government had hoped to close Dadaab by the end of November, but as the day approached, the registered refugees living there were given a six-month extension.

The Kenyan government has vowed to fight the ruling and close down the camp — which they say has become a recruiting ground for terrorists.

Dadaab is home to more than 275,000 people, many of whom were displaced after fleeing the Somali civil war in 1991. If the camp were to shut down, the refugees would effectively be homeless and stateless.

So where does a population larger than that of 11 African capital cities go? VICE News reports from the camp and speaks to the people facing an uncertain future.


Arizona Residents Are Monitoring Border Patrol Checkpoints: VICE News Tonight on HBO

The POTUS’ Administration has promised to increase border security, but some residents who live within 100 miles of the border believe patrol agents’ presence is already excessive.

For residents of Arivaca, Arizona, constant security checkpoints are especially inconvenient.

People Helping People is an organization that monitors one checkpoint in the small border town while assisting those passing through.

For one volunteer, Carlota Wray, the experience is personal: “They always give me a hard time because of my color. I mean after living all these years in this little town and we come through here pretty much every day. I was really sick of it. I’m still sick of it.”

VICE News correspondent David Noriega visited the 100 mile zone where many fear the Trump administration’s proposal to add 5,000 agents will only make matters worse.

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